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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 7, 2011

Number of Immigrant Arrests Set to Hit 40-Year Low

Number of Immigrant Arrests Set to Hit 40-Year Low

Photo: Number of Immigrant Arrests Set to Hit 40-Year Low

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According to Border Patrol statistics, the rate of immigrant arrests is on it’s way to dropping to a 40-year low.

Only one month remains in Border Patrol’s 2011 fiscal year, and with just under 305,000 illegal border crosser arrests so far this year, it is on track to be the lowest number since 1972. To compare, in 1981, roughly 1.61 million arrests were made, and in 2000 1.64 million.

The United States is joined by a number of countries in Latin America with currently struggling economies, making the U.S. less appealing to enter than previous years. Also, Mexico saw a 60 percent drop in the number of people leaving the country.

The lower number could also be due to successful patrolling by agents at the border, resulting in fewer attempting to cross illegally.

However, some say the drop in arrests is due to Border Patrol not doing enough to secure the border and believe that more needs to be done, because the federal government isn’t allowing those monitoring the border to do a sufficient job.

Those like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who has made headlines with her harsh stance on undocumented immigration, say that this news should not be seen as a positive statistic.

And while it is likely that the number of arrests will drop to a 40-year low, one must be aware that it is known to fluctuate greatly.