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Latino Daily News

Monday August 18, 2014

Number of Foreign Students Studying in Spain Continues to Decline

The number of foreign-born students in basic education in Spain dropped 4.2 percent in the 2013-2014 academic year to levels similar to what they were in 2008, the Education Ministry said Monday.

The total of foreign students was 731,167, which signifies 32,048 fewer students than the previous academic year, when for the first time in many years the number decreased.

By nationality, students from South and Central America were predominant with 31 percent, followed by Europeans with 30.8 percent, and natives of Africa with 29 percent.

By countries, Morocco topped the list with 168,984 students, ahead of Romania with 96,721, Ecuador with 56,065, and Colombia with 35,468.

After many school years with “significant increases,” the student body without Spanish nationality continued the decline that started the year before, the Education Ministry said.

The ministry said that what could influence these numbers, besides the change in foreigners’ arrivals and departures, are the fact that they might become nationalized and the transition of these students from one educational level to another.”

Foreign students represent 10.5 percent of the student body of state educational centers.


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