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Latino Daily News

Monday April 25, 2011

Nudist Gym Opens in Spain’s Basque Country - 1st Ever in Spain (VIDEO)

Nudist Gym Opens in Spain’s Basque Country - 1st Ever in Spain (VIDEO)

Photo: Naked Gym in Spain

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As a way to combat recession, a gym in the Basque region of Spain now offers sports and athletic programs for nudists.

Arriorriaga’s Easy Gym, is the first if its kind in Spain. Owner Merche Laseca says “With this crisis, we realized there are fewer people using the gym […] I’m not a nudist, though I don’t have a problem with nudism; this initiative however, is about money.”

After months of research, Laseca realized that several swimming pools around the area, offered popular monthly nudist sessions; every year, in the close by region of Sopelana, there’s a very famous nudist race and there are at least 12 nudist beaches in the Basque country and many more across Spain.

The research also included a poll, where 90% of the participants approved the peculiar idea. A Yoga teacher has even spoken to the owner about teaching nude Yoga classes.

Nudists are welcome to attend and excercise—naked, every Saturday afternoon, and Sundays.