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Latino Daily News

Monday September 26, 2011

Novela Star Sues Stalker that Demanded his ‘Live Organ’ Picture

Novela Star Sues Stalker that Demanded his ‘Live Organ’ Picture

Photo: Victor Alfieri

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Novela star Victor Alfieri is suing Adriana Trevino, a producer who allegedly stole footage from Alfieri’s movie because the actor refused to have sex with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful” star, also an aspiring filmmaker claims that Trevino offered to produce one of his projects last year, investing up to $150,000 in the project.

But nothing is for free, and in exchange for her investment and producing, Trevino allegedly tried her best effort to bed Alfieri, to no avail.

Alfieri’s lawsuit says Trevino would frequently try to get frisky with him, suggested intercourse as a stress reliever, and even asked the actor to email her a picture of his privates.  The actor has vowed he would systematically refuse her advances.

Alfieri claims that when Trevino finally realized she was not going to get anything from Alfieri, she stole the raw footage from Victor’s movie, and won’t give it back.

Furthermore, Alfieri says that Trevino contacted his mother in Italy and went on such a fanatical rant, that poor Mrs. Alfieri lost her composure, and flipped out so bad, she had to go to the hospital.

A mere 12 hours after TMZ broke the news of the lawsuit, Trevino was quoted by TMZ saying that she was just joking about the whole photo of the penis thing; she says Alfieri and her were in an intimate relationship that they were keeping secret—by his request, until she heard members of the set saying that Alfieri told them she was obsessed with him.

She says she confronted him, and he took off with her investment in the movie and disappeared. As for the claim that she had made Mrs. Alfieri upset, Trevino said she was very close with Mrs. Alfieri.  Allegedly, Trevino went to the mother after Alfieri disappeared, and when Mrs. Alfieri tried and failed to contact her son, she had to be taken to the hospital.

Trevino says she plans to sue for slander.