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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 16, 2011

Nogales Border Fence to be Upgraded

Nogales Border Fence to be Upgraded

Photo: Bollard Style Border Fencing

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U.S. Border Protection has announced they will be upgrading nearly three miles of U.S.-Mexico border fence near Nogales, Arizona.  The original fence built in 1994 will now be stronger, newer and taller.

The current border fence will be replaced by 18-foot tall “bollard” style fencing making it difficult to scale but easier to see who is across the border in Mexico.  In addition the new fence will have eight feet worth of ground anchor making it more difficult to burrow under. 

The upgrade in Nogales is part of President Obama and Homeland Security’s efforts to enhance border security in Arizona, something it is often criticized for not doing.  The replacement fencing project started this week on Wednesday.