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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 17, 2012

Noelia to Launch Singles from New Album in U.S., Europe

Noelia to Launch Singles from New Album in U.S., Europe

Photo: Puerto Rican Singer Noelia

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Puerto Rican pop star Noelia will launch simultaneously on the U.S. and European markets two singles from the album she is recording in English with music producer and singer Timbaland and composer Sean Garrett.

The artist told Efe Friday that “Exploit,” the first single for the U.S. market, and “Spell” for Europe will be aired on radio stations in three weeks.

“This production makes my greatest dreams come true, it’s a joy and an immense achievement that I’ve been praying to heaven for so much,” Noelia said about her eighth disc.

The album, which still has not been given a title, features a range of musical styles, notably pop and ballads.

“Up to now we have recorded seven songs and he (Timbaland) wants to keep working,” the singer of “Kiss Me” said.

Once the recording is a wrap, the two plan a promotional tour of Latin America, Europe and the United States this summer, she said.

This is the first time a Puerto Rican singer has recorded in English with an American producer.

The idea of a collaboration with Timbaland, who has worked on songs for singers like Justin Timberlake and Madonna, quickly evolved after he ran into the artist in the corridors of the studio where she was recording “Kiss Me.”

“We started out recording a single, and that was the beginning of a close friendship and we kept working until we made an album and finally we’re now going on tour together. It’s been an amazing experience,” the daughter of singer Yolandita Monge recalled.

She said that in Puerto Rico she’s doing “super good” with the “Kiss Me” number, sung in Spanglish with the participation of Baby Boy.

“It’s a song he did awhile back. I changed the lyrics and it’s doing really well on radio in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States and South America,” she said.

Timbaland said in a communique that Noelia is a singer who must be discovered from the inside. Her “excellent taste in rhythms and magical charm of the voice pierce the surface,” and this album will bring the public a Noelia it has never heard before, he said.