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Latino Daily News

Friday November 26, 2010

No Problems with Tourists and Cholera Say Government of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic authorities say that no new cases of cholera have been reported, leaving the number of cases at four and they are doing all they can to keep it that way.  They just announced shut down of several hostels and are closely scrutinizing all businesses to make sure they are following strict waste disposal and cholera prevention policies in place.

For example, as part of the health authorities’ cholera prevention initiatives, the Ministry of Public health has closed down eight hostels in so-called “Little Haiti” nearby the Mercado Modelo in Santo Domingo because they dumped garbage and dirty water into the street and did not comply with other health regulations.

The Ministry of Tourism guaranteed yesterday that tourists who visit the Dominican Republic are not at any risk of cholera or any other infectious disease. Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia said that the Dominican Republic has a sanitation structure that allows it to handle this situation effectively.

Garcia claimed that some international businesses were taking advantage of the cholera scare to launch a negative campaign aimed at reducing the flow of tourists to the country. He said that tourist arrivals had in fact increased over the last few days and predicted that at the close of the year some four million tourists would have visited the country in 2010.