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Latino Daily News

Friday January 6, 2012

No Marijuana Beer for Costa Rica

No Marijuana Beer for Costa Rica

Photo: No Marijuana Beer for Costa Rica

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The Alto Tribunal de Casación Administrativo of Costa Rica has spoken and the eco-friendly nation will be not be offering its citizens and millions of tourists marijuana –flavored beer.

Hanfblüte beer contains hemp leaves and hemp flowers and has a 5% alcohol content with ‘lemony elements’ according to Tasting Beers.com. 

The Swiss beer-maker Nikimar’s Hanfblüte beer had been vying to be on the grocery shelves of Costa Rica for over 3 years.  One of numerous complaints Costa Rica had with the beer was its obvious association with marijuana via its hemp leaf marketing campaign.

Oh and did we also mention the bottle’s label has two Mary Jane farmers cutting pot plants during harvest time. 

The decision by the tribunal is based on the country laws that prohibit any products to include coca, poppy, hemp or marijuana lest it promote consumption of illegal drugs.

The tribunals clear-ban decision this week, ends Nikimar’s effort to enter this Latin American market.