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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 23, 2012

No Major Damage Reported from 5.4 Earthquake that Shook Southern Mexico

No Major Damage Reported from 5.4 Earthquake that Shook Southern Mexico

Photo: Epicenter of earthquake (USGS)

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A magnitude-5.4 earthquake rattled parts of southern Mexico on Saturday, although no injuries or material damage have been reported, the National Seismology Service, or SSN, said.

The quake struck at 7:30 a.m. and its epicenter was located 29 kilometers (18 miles) from Pinotepa Nacional - a town close to the Pacific coast in the southern state of Oaxaca - at a depth of two kilometers, the SSN said on its Web site.

The earthquake also was felt in Mexico City, but Mayor Marcelo Ebrard told the media that an initial assessment showed the capital was not seriously affected by the seismic event.

The municipal emergency services chief, Miguel Elias Moreno Brizuela, also confirmed that initial inspections have not revealed any damage or casualties.

Moreno added that the earthquake was felt in some neighborhoods of downtown Mexico City and that authorities will continue their inspections to rule out possible damage, while Mexico City’s metro service will continue operating normally.

For their part, Oaxaca emergency management officials said they also had not noticed any damage but that inspections were ongoing.

Authorities said Saturday’s temblor was an aftershock of the magnitude-7.4 earthquake that rocked southern Mexico on March 20.

That earlier quake, the most powerful to hit the country since 1985, left two dead and a dozen people injured and seriously damaged hundreds of homes along the country’s southern coast.