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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 11, 2013

No Love for Eva Longoria’s ‘Ready for Love’ on NBC

No Love for Eva Longoria’s ‘Ready for Love’ on NBC

Photo: Ready for Love a Bust

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There was no love for Eva Longoria’s lastest TV project ‘Ready for Love’ which premiered on NBC last night.  The show garnered a meager 3.7 million in audience; in spite of having the popular ‘The Voice’ as the lead-in show.

The TV matching making show features Ben Patton, a financier from Dallas, Texas; Tim Lopez, a musician from Santa Barbara, California and Ernesto Arguello, a philanthropist from Miami, Florida all vying for the chance to find true love.

Longoria, 38, is the executive producer of ‘Ready for Love’ which was promoted as a TV show with a new twist on the genre of TV dating shows.  Longoria claimed in prior interviews that she “handpicked these three myself. They’re some of my best friends now, and I would absolutely introduce them to my sister or my friends.”

Regardless of Longoria’s buzz for the show, ‘Ready for Love’ was not ready to get anyone’s love and an audience loser. ABC’s Modern Family and American Idol (Fox) won the audience ratings, with Amor Bravio (UNI) coming in the top 10 last night.

‘Ready for Love’ was also ripped by critics as was Dr. Phil and his ‘mentoring’ segment in the show.