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Latino Daily News

Monday October 11, 2010

No Joke: Charo Makes American TV Debut of New Song “Sexy Sexy” (VIDEO)

You would think we should be offended that any artist is lip-synching a performance but actually that was the least offensive aspect of Charo’s American TV debut of her new song “Sexy Sexy”.  We don’t know where to start except to say its GOD AWFUL. 

There are only two or three words in the song and they are too garbled to even make sense – not that anyone would even listen.  You are mesmerized by Charo’s train wreck performance on the Wendy Williams Show from her 1980’s glitter gown to the hay stack on her head, otherwise known as her hair, to her running out of breath as she is lip-synching.

Who gave this poor soul the impression that the American people wanted her back and how did Wendy Williams people book her on the show.  Clearly Erik Estrada and the Frito Bandito were unavailable. 

We ask: Aren’t there enough collagen fueled, talent-less women on TV already??

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