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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 12, 2010

‘No Hablo Español’ Brian Sandoval Accused of Hiring Undocumented Maid - Can He Get Elected?

News reports are coming out of Nevada that Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval hired an undocumented housekeeper who has since become a U.S. citizen.

Anna Martiza Padilla, a native of Guatemala, is claiming she worked for the Sandoval household as a housekeeper and was illegally in this country at the time.  She was paid $40 for one day’s worth of work and was never asked for documentation but was paid by check.

She appears to be happy he is running for Governor but unhappy he “does not support Latinos that are already here?”  She stopped working for Sandoval in 1997.  The Sandoval’s’ denying knowing her but Padilla is sticking by her story.

Sandoval who is Hispanic is against ‘amnesty’ and supported Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law and does not enjoy the support of most Latino’s in Nevada.  To add to the ire with Sandoval, he is alleged to have responded in an Univision interview ‘my children don’t look Hispanic’ when asked what he would feel if his children where stopped under the SB1070 law.