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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 9, 2011

No Government Shutdown, Congress and White House Cheer Deal

No Government Shutdown, Congress and White House Cheer Deal

Photo: Harry Reid, John Boehner

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A last minute budget deal has averted and embarrassing government shutdown. The new agreement agrees to pay for federal spending through September while trimming 38.5 billion in spending.

“Today Americans of different beliefs came together again,” President Barack Obama said from the White House Blue Room, a setting chosen to offer a clear view of the Washington Monument over his right shoulder.

At the end of the day, all sides claimed victory — Republicans for the sheer size of the spending cuts and Obama and Reid for jettisoning Republican policy initiatives that would have blocked certain environmental regulations and made changes in a federal program that provides family planning services.

This accomplishment has set the stage for tougher confrontations to come. The Treasury has told Congress it must vote to raise the debt limit by summer — a request that Republicans hope to use to force Obama to accept long-term deficit-reduction measures.