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Thursday March 28, 2013

NJ Sheriff Announces $338 Million Lottery Winner Owes Delinquent Child Support

NJ Sheriff Announces $338 Million Lottery Winner Owes Delinquent Child Support

Photo: Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada Owes Child Support

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They say when you win millions in the lottery people come out of the woodwork looking for you, such is the case with Pedro Quezada.

New Jersey resident and bodega owner Pedro Quezada become the fourth largest Powerball winner with his $338.3 million ticket claimed earlier this week.  Now the New Jersey Sheriff says the 44-year-old Dominican immigrant owes $29,000 in delinquent child support from as far back as 2009.

Quezada was the sole winner of Monday’s Powerball and his expected take is $152 million after taxes.  Apparently Quezada has five children ages 5 to 23.  Sheriff Richard Berdnik wants Quezada to know he is looking for him in hopes he will settle his delinquent account. 

There is the possibility that the state will garnish his winnings for the delinquent child support amount adding 9% annual interest that has accrued since 2009. 

The child support claim does not appear to be from his current wife, Ines Sanchez, who he has been married to for nine years.  Sanchez is from the Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Two of his five children apparently live with him in New Jersey and three others reside in North Carolina. 

All of Quezada’s children could now make a claim for support up to 20% of the $300,000 maximum allowed.