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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Nine Latin America Countries Call on Japan to Stop “Scientific Whaling” in Sanctuary

Nine Latin America Countries Call on Japan to Stop “Scientific Whaling” in Sanctuary

Photo: Arctic Whales

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This is the beginning of a new “scientific whaling” season in Antarctic waters, The governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay made public a release stating “their strongest rejection to the announced ‘scientific whaling’ hunting of almost a thousand whales included some in the threatened species category, planned for the Southern Whale Sanctuary”.

The Latin-American countries request “the government of Japan to end the ‘scientific whaling’, which is performed in a sanctuary, established by the IWC precisely with the purpose of protecting whales”.

“Buenos Aires Group countries consider that the continuation of these catches year after year in spite of the international community rejection, do not contribute to a confidence environment that sponsors a constructive dialogue inside the IWC, the only multilateral forum which is recognized for the management and conservation of whales”, concludes the release.

The Japanese invented the concept of ‘scientific’ whaling in 1987 as a way around the moratorium on commercial whaling instituted by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Their research is not really research. It is an excuse for supplying whale meat on the Japanese market, though that market is dying.

The science they perform consists of DNA sampling, physical measurements such as ear bone size, age ID, and most importantly, the contents in the digestive tract.