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Latino Daily News

Monday March 25, 2013

Nicaragua Keeps an Eye on Rumbling San Cristobal Volcano

Nicaragua Keeps an Eye on Rumbling San Cristobal Volcano

Photo: Nicaragua's San Cristobal Erupting

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The Nicaraguan government said Monday that it has stepped up its watch on the San Cristobal volcano after it shook its surroundings with four moderate earthquakes.

San Cristobal, 135 kilometers (84 miles) northwest of Managua, gave off the temblors Sunday night.

“There’s a process of decompression (in the crater), which doesn’t mean we’ll let our guard down - today a team of vulcanologists is finishing its revision of the San Cristobal phenomena,” Guillermo Gonzalez, head of the Sinapred emergency management agency, said.

Gonzalez said that current activity in the volcano does not warrant an alert for any degree of danger.

Last December, Sinapred issued a yellow alert in the municipalities near San Cristobal after the volcano spewed columns of gas and ash more than 500 meters (1,600 feet) in the air.

Unlike San Cristobal, seismic activity of the Telica volcano weakened Sunday afternoon, Sinapred said.

Telica, at 105 kilometers (65 miles) northwest of Managua, had more than 20 microquakes each day since last Thursday.

Both San Cristobal and Telica are located on Nicaragua’s volcano range, made up of 13 active volcanic cones running parallel to the Central American country’s Pacific shoreline.