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Latino Daily News

Monday April 30, 2012

Nicaragua Crowns its Miss Gay 2012

Nicaragua Crowns its Miss Gay 2012

Photo: Lavelesk Dredish crowned as Miss Gay 2012 in Nicaragua.

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The gay community in Nicaragua crowned its Miss Gay, the queen of the transvestites in its annual Miss Gay Nicaragua competition held at the Ruben Dario National Theater.

This was the first time that the theatre opened its doors to such a sexually diverse event according to the director of the Institute of Nicaraguan Culture, Luis Morales. ““The National Theatre is now open to this spectacle that displays such a strong sense of sexual diversity which has conquered new spaces,” said Morales.

The 13 contestants showed off their sculpted bodies,  faux bust and butts in both tiny swimsuits and lavish evening gowns for the finale of the annual competition. In the exotic night of choreographed dance and catwalks, the competitors stepped into the spotlight with their best smiles and their exquisite headdresses.

The judges who included President Daniel Ortega’s stepdaughter, Zoilamerica Narvaez, and four other members declared Laveleska Dredrish the winner.

Dredrish, a 22 year-old designer, donned her aqua-marine mermaid style dress which hugged her toned body. She promised to open new spaces for the gay community and said she would continue to fight for their rights.


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