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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 14, 2013

NHU Partners With StraighterLine to Expand Access to Higher Education

NHU Partners With StraighterLine to Expand Access to Higher Education

Photo: National Hispanic University

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The National Hispanic University (NHU) and StraighterLine announced today an articulation agreement that will enable students to transfer StraighterLine’s American Council on Education (ACE)–recommended courses for credit at NHU.

The agreement will increase access to quality higher education for students who are looking to successfully complete their degree program in a multicultural learning environment.

Students taking undergraduate courses through StraighterLine will have access to the advantages of an NHU education including online and campus-based degree programs in a variety of disciplines such as business, child development, and mathematics and science.

Students will also benefit from a highly engaged and dedicated faculty as well as a personalized and supportive educational experience that fosters respect for diversity and inclusion.

In addition to its articulation agreement with StraighterLine, NHU has transfer agreements and credit opportunities with other universities, community colleges and organizations to support its mission of greater access to higher education and ensuring academic success. Transfer of credit varies by degree program.