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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 27, 2014

NGO Says Chile Could Lose All Its Bees, Or Become Their Last Refuge

NGO Says Chile Could Lose All Its Bees, Or Become Their Last Refuge

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All the bees could disappear from Chile over the next 15 years, but the country could also become the last refuge for the industrious and beneficial insects, experts with the NGO Plan Bee told Efe on Tuesday.

Chile’s bee population is falling by 8 percent each year, warned Paula Pedreros, one of the organization’s founders.

The paradox is that Chile, because of its geographical situation and water resources, also could become the last refuge of bees, whose existence is under threat worldwide.

“It’s fundamental to take note of the fact that our existence as human beings depends on ... bees. They are now the main indicator that our planet is at death’s door,” Pedreros emphasized.

The disappearance of bees would also mean the loss of thousands of jobs that directly depend on the insects.

The disappearance of bees would cause a drastic reduction in income in the fruit sector and would severely alter the food chain as we know it, Pedreros said.

The way in which to counteract the disappearance of bees, Pedreros said, is “to ask the inhabitants of Chile to plant flowers, to be able to recover and maintain the bee population.”

Plan Bee has launched a broad campaign in schools, teaching young people about the importance of bees in our daily lives and promoting the installation of urban bee colonies in Santiago.


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