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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 18, 2011

New York Short Film, Art Show Portrays the Struggle of the Undocumented

New York Short Film, Art Show Portrays the Struggle of the Undocumented

Photo: A cene from Immigrantula

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As part of a multimedia art show in New York called ‘We Have Come to Take Your Jobs,’ a short film portrays the struggle of undocumented immigrants who come to America in search of work, but are subject to a life without protection or rights.

Immigrantula is a telenovela in both English and Spanish shot in a documentary style. The immigrants share how each of them came to be in America, as if they were sharing scary stories in the dark.

It starts with the group hiding in the back room of a bar where they are found by immigration officers who ask to see their ID cards. The officers come upon an interesting couple made up of a woman with an American I.D. and her gay immigrant husband. The officers, unable to do anything, let the couple go with a warning, but the hilarious ensues when later that night the group of young people captures an immigration officer in a web and set him up to be the victim of the Immigrantula spider.

Dubbed a “pro-immigration invocation sensation,” the film is a creation of Viva Ruiz;s “We Have Come to Take Your Jobs” art show.

After the film’s premiere, the actors along with other performers came on stage for a costumed dance by the Latin art-house group Escandalo. The dance was described by Feet in 2 Worlds as a “prosperity ritual for all who have stolen across or who are currently stealing across borders in search of a better life.”