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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 23, 2012

New York Boy Swallows Toy Part, Whistles for Weeks

New York Boy Swallows Toy Part, Whistles for Weeks

Photo: New York Boy Swallows Toy Part, Whistles for Weeks

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The adults in Hector Flores, Jr.’s life were both confused and annoyed when the 7-year-old began whistling at everything.

The New York boy’s second grade teacher accused him of being disrupted during class, and intentionally whistling at inappropriate times.

While out with his mother, Hector caught her attention with the whistling, and realizing it appeared to be something of which he was not in control, she took him to Bronx Lebanon Hospital.

However, doctors claimed the whistling, which sometimes sounded like a squeak, was a psychological issue. They also claimed Hector had a stomach issue and “had a lot of fecal matter” according to his father, Hector Flores, Sr. The boy was sent home with some pills, but his parents knew something else was going on.

Hector’s father decided to prove that something strange was happening to his son, so he recorded a video of his son squeaking/whistling and returned to the doctor.

Each time Hector laughed the sound could easily be heard. Realizing the situation was more serious that initially handled, doctors ordered an endoscopy operation.

The endoscopy revealed Hector had the squeaky whistle from a rubber duck stuck in his lung.

It is believed the boy swallowed the toy part during a pool party about a month prior and about two weeks after it moved and gave the boy a squeaky whistle.

The piece was removed from Hector’s lung and he is believed to be recovering. The hospital has not given any details, but says the incident is still under investigation.