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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

New Year’s Bank Heist in Argentina Six Months in the Making : Watch the Tunnel (VIDEO)

At least three thieves spent their New Year’s weekend crawling in and out of a 15 by 15 inch, 100 foot long tunnel, carrying out, by conservative estimates, over $6 million dollars in loot from security boxes in the Belgrano branch of the Provincia Bank in Argentina.

Seismic alarms went off at least three times, but police didn’t see anything suspicious, nor could access the bank, closed in observation of New Years festivities.

It took officers over two hours to figure out where the thieves had entered from “In the beginning we thought they had entered through the door, having the combination. Once we started moving the mess of boxes, we discovered the tunnel” said one of the investigators to Argentine newspaper El Clarín.

But if finding the entrance took them a long while to find, the other end took them twice as long, since the audacious criminals collapsed the tunnel halfway through.

The tunnel was lit throughout, had carpeting in the walls and floor, and its own ventilation system.  Police estimate it must have taken them at least 6 months to construct.

Security cameras inside the vault have footage of the criminals at work. In the morning of Friday the 31st, a head pops out from inside a security box, but that’s as much as is seen on Friday. After presumably celebrating the New Year the following day, a total of three bandits appear on camera opening and emptying the security boxes that had at least fifty thousand dollars each.