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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 17, 2013

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Has ‘Stop a Mexican’ Ringtone – Is that Really Necessary?

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Has ‘Stop a Mexican’ Ringtone – Is that Really Necessary?

Photo: South Park Studios

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UPDATE:  Samsung has provided a response to the “Scanning for Mexican” rington via Latino Rebels:  “Samsung is not offering any such ringtones on our mobile devices.”

ORIGINAL:  The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone apparently has something for everyone including a ringtone offering celebrating ‘stopping Mexicans’ before they enter the country illegally.

Thanks to our friends over at Latino Rebels, that do a great job spotting injustices and bias practices, the ‘Scanning for Mexicans’ ringtone was brought to our attention.  This ringtone doesn’t have a place in the world of commerce or as an offering by third-developers to Samsung.

The ringtone comes from a South Park episode where Eric Cartman, a central fictional character, participates in a child’s game of Texans vs. Meheecans where the goal is to stop those “God Damn, jobless no good…..” .  Keep in mind the episode also mentions f**ken Jews,  Texan fat asses and MexiJew – so no one is spared here.  Great material for South Park but not necessarily for a ringtone, you think?

Apparently the ringtone will be amongst numerous ringtone offerings on the new Galaxy S4 offered by third parties starting at .99 cents.  According to Latino Rebels this particular ringtone is available at other sites and has been downloaded some 198,300 times.

The Galaxy S4 will arrive on the market on April 24 for $150 at T-Mobile, on April 27 for $250 at Sprint and at month-end at AT&T retailers for $200. 

This launch is crucial for Samsung as it tries to take market share from Apple’s iPhone and in a product that Latinos overindex on maybe it would be a good idea to get rid of this ringtone offering??