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Latino Daily News

Monday December 27, 2010

No More Cervezas Frias - Latino Men Falling in Love with Nuvo’s Pink Fruity Liqueur Concoction

Eva Longoria is the new the face of Nuvo, an alcoholic drink designed especially with a woman’s taste buds in mind but also for its growing Latino male fan base.  Longoria was an obvious choice since she is popular with both Latinas and Latinos. 

Recent research showed that women seem to prefer their drinks to be more fruity, as 52 percent of them mix some kind of fruit juice with their alcohol. Nuvo, which was introduced in 2007 is made up of French vodka, white wine, and fruit nectar, was originally designed specifically for women only. The bottle is shaped as though it could be a pink perfume bottle, and its lid was designed to look like lipstick.

While Nuvo was clearly intended to be a drink for the ladies, it has become a surprise big hit among African-American and Latino men. The research has shown they like their liqueur to be fruity as well.

When it was realized that women were 70 to 80 percent of the buying market for Nuvo, but men were 52 percent of its drinkers, Nuvo change it’s original bottle by removing “For her” and changing the website from NuvoForHer.com to SparklingNuvo.com.

By the end of the year, it is expected that around 2.9 million bottles of Nuvo will have been sold in 2010.