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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 20, 2011

New Mexico Sheriff Greg Solano Arrested for Selling Bullet Proof Vests on eBay for Gambling $$

Greg Solano, the former sheriff of Santa Fe County, New Mexico was arrested on 251 charges of embezzlement and one count of fraud for an alleged scheme to sell bullet proof vests on eBay.  He was arrested two months after confessing to the crimes.

Last November the sheriff admitted to selling public property to the highest bidder on eBay, property which included vests, gun holsters, handcuffs and ink cartridges.  His arrest warrant values his theft at $60,000.  Police suspect that Solano has been pilfering the public coffers for some time possibly even when he was launching his Democratic bid for Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico in early 2010. 

In his November confession Solano said he needed the money to pay his mortgage, investigators dispute that and have proof he used the money for gambling at New Mexico casinos and online gambling.  Solano, if convicted faces up to 250 years behind bars.