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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 5, 2011

New Mexico Student Paper Apologizing for “Racist” Obama Cartoon

New Mexico Student Paper Apologizing for “Racist” Obama Cartoon

Photo: Obama cartoon found racist by University of New Mexico students

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Wednesday, the editor of a student newspaper at the University of New Mexico apologized for what some students are calling a lack of discretion.

The apology from the editor-in-chief of the Daily Lobo, Chris Quintana, came after the paper printed a picture of President Obama holding up the head of Osama bin Laden. The problem, and what many are calling offensive, is that some say the president is depicted as a monkey.

Prior to the apology Wednesday, several students protested on the UNM campus.

“We demanded the Daily Lobo show some accountability and print an apology and retraction,” UNM student Christina Foster said. Foster’s fellow protestors said the cartoon resembled images formerly used to justify slavery.

“Me personally and the paper, we are sorry for the cartoon. It was not our intent to be racist or offend anyone,” said Quintana, who signed off on the cartoon, and subsequently took full responsibility for its publication.

“I understand now, and like I said, I’m deeply sorry and intend to rectify the situation.”

In Thursday’s edition of the Daily Lobo, Quintana wrote an article explaining the intent of the cartoon, and again apologized for it.

“By no means is an editorial going to fix everything,” Quintana said, “But it’s a step in the right direction.”