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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 28, 2011

New Homes for Over 300 Street Children of Ecuador

New Homes for Over 300 Street Children of Ecuador

Photo: Street Children of Ecuardor

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Guayaquil is one of the most important cities in Ecuador, developed mainly on the right bank of the Guayas River, its population reaches 3 million and half. The Nigeria area, which is located on the island of Trinitaria, on the delta of the river, is one of the poorest and deprived areas of the city.

Here, the Salesians have developed a project for street children which aims to improve the quality of life for children, to redeem them from a situation of risk, return them to their families and help them in an educational and vocational formation. There are about 300 children involved in the project that has enabled to give 101 houses to the inhabitants of the “Independence II” Cooperative, who live on the Isle of Trinitaria in Guayaquil. The families of the children were given a house, so as to promote social advancement and relational stabilization of the child.

The construction of the houses was made possible thanks to the “Jugend Eine Welt” (JEW) and the inter-institutional cooperation between the Municipality and the “Consultora Don Bosco Foundation”.