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Latino Daily News

Friday October 15, 2010

Rising Hispanic Star of Republic Party Comes under Scrutiny Again for Finances

David Rivera is running for Congress as the Republican candidate in Florida and has once again come under scrutiny for his questionable finances.  The Cuban American who is currently a state representative is running to gain a Congressional seat in the 25th District.  Now questions have arisen about where and how he earns his ‘consultant income’.  As a state representative he earned $30,000 a year yet claimed income from a firm claiming not to have employed him. 

Controversy has dodged this candidate from allegation of domestic abuse to foreclosure on a house co-owned with Florida Senatorial front-runner Marco Rubio.  Rivera and Rubio are viewed as the up and coming stars of the Republican Party desperately trying to win favor with Hispanic voters. 

The Florida seat is now being looked at as a possible win for the Democrats originally thought to be a sure winner for the Republican party