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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 13, 2011

New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Argentina (VIDEOS)

A group of Argentine and American paleontologists have discovered that fossils found in northwest Argentina in 2000, belong to a species of dinosaur unknown until now, which lived about 230 million years ago.

The species, named ‘Eodromaeus’ and nicknamed the “Dawn Runner” is one of the earliest known species of dinosaurs.

Eodromaeus was only about 4 feet long and would have barely reached the knees of an adult human, while weighing as much as a turkey.

Scientific studies demonstrated that Eodromaeus is the ancestor of some of the better known dinosaurs, like the velociraptor, or the tyrannosaurs rex.

The discovery was made at the Ischigualasto National Park, also known as the Moon Valley, in the San Juan province, northwest of Argentina.

Like his great grand cousins, Eodromaeus had a long rigid tail, and a unique pelvis shape.  It was also quite a fast runner, and had air pouches in its neck bones which may have been related to breathing and suggest a relationship with pterodactyls, and modern day birds.