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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 1, 2011

New Bilingual Groupon-like Site to Launch this Week for Latinos

New Bilingual Groupon-like Site to Launch this Week for Latinos

Photo: Papá Posible

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Launching this week in U.S. cities with large Latino populations is a new Groupon-like website for Latinos with bilingual group discounts.

PapáPosible.com will launch in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York later this week and will provide a new may for Latinos to save money through social buying (or group buying) which offers products and services at reduced prices on the condition that certain number of buyers will make the purchase. An example would be if Papá Posible offered a voucher for 50 percent off an iPod from a specific Best Buy. A minimum number of people would have to agree to buy the iPod from this particular store, then once that number of people have agree, people print out the voucher (coupon) and are able to use it to buy the iPod at that Best Buy.

The site states:

Papá Posible brings impossibly great daily discounts to the Latino Community through the power of group buying. By connecting you, your family & friends and your community with local businesses, Papa helps create an ecosystem of success that will enable dramatically reduced costs on products and services you need and want. Papa is not just about discounts though, his goals include the broader success of the Latino Community through giving back campaigns such as Papa’s scholarship program.

Papa is about the success of the entire community.  For you, your friends and your family, the benefits of saving and sharing enhance everyone’s ability to succeed. Businesses benefit from a steady stream of new customers and good experiences keep those customers coming back. For the community the Papa Gives Back campaign supports a wide range of programs and worthy students through Papa’s scholarships. Together, Papa promotes the success of the entire community and everybody wins.