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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 19, 2010

Nevada Latinos Urged Not to Vote by Republican Special Interest Group on Univision Ads (VIDEO)

Here is the English version of an ad now pulled by Univision television that is telling the Hispanic electorate not to vote to punish the Democrats for not coming through on their promises to take up immigration reform.

The ads are funded by a Republican group is Nevada known as Latinos For Reform.  The group spent $80,000 to buy ad time on the Univision network.  The network is the number one Spanish language network in the U.S.  It is not known what if any is this groups affiliation to the Republican Senatorial candidate Sharon Angle that recently many racially biased remarks to a group of Hispanic students, commenting they “… look a little Asian” to her.

The backlash against Univision was quick and prompt with calls for them to pull the ads.  Univision though non-partisan has been engaged in large public campaigns encouraging Latinos to vote. 


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