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Latino Daily News

Friday July 23, 2010

Nevada Highest Unemployment Rate in U.S.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its State unemployment rates today for the trailing month of June 2010 and Nevada once again reported the highest unemployment rate among the 50 states with a 14.2% rate.  The national average for unemployment is 9.5% with many states reporting lower than average rates. 

Not only is Nevada’s unemployment rate the highest it is trending upwards; its rate of unemployment went up 2.3% from same time last year.  Approximately 25% of the Nevada population is Hispanic and they have been hardest hit by unemployment.  As of 2009 Hispanic Nevadan’s had an unemployment rate of 16.4% now over 17%.  The loss of construction jobs and the crash of the housing market are related causes to the large unemployment in the state and those sectors have not recovered thus far.


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