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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 6, 2011

Nebraska State Senator Criticized for Using Term “Anchor Babies”

Nebraska State Senator Criticized for Using Term “Anchor Babies”

Photo: Sen Charlie Janssen

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Hispanic Republican Group Somos is critisizing Nebraska State Senator Charlie Janssen, for his use of the term “Anchor Babies.”  The grassroots organization is demanding an apology for the use of the derogatory term, which they say, is similar to other insulting terms used to describe people in minority groups.

“It is what it is,” Janssen said. “I probably have used it.” He said the group could call and ask for an apology but “they’re not going to get one.”

The senator went on to say that he believes the 14th amendment is being misapplied when it is used to grant citizenship to people born in the United States regardless of their parent’s status. In response to Somos Republicans criticism, Janssen admonishes the undocumented mother who endangers the life of her newborn by illegally entering the United States.

A Somos Republican spokesperson says that the term is insulting in comparing a child to an inanimate object, using them as political footballs and reduces the value of human life.  Somos Republicans began in Arizona and claims to have 1200 members in the Midwest.