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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 28, 2010

Nebraska Senators to Introduce Arizona-style Immigration Bills

Nebraska Senators to Introduce Arizona-style Immigration Bills

Photo: Senator Charlie Janssen of Fremont, NE

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In an attempt to give local police more power to monitor the state’s illegal immigration population, Nebraska senators have revealed that they are presenting bills to give them such authority early next year.

Senators Charlie Janssen (Fremont) and Tony Fulton (Lincoln), have released statements saying that, in response to their citizens, they have drafted bills allowing for better communication between local and federal authorities in cases regarding immigration status of Nebraskans.

Though they do not know exactly what the final drafts will be due to “legal uncertainty” (ex. Arizona’s immigration bills) they say they will continue with the bills’ presentation.

Janssen adding that he looks to propose additional bills he has prepared, and is sure he’ll introduce a number of them, if not all.

Opposed to Janssen and Fulton’s bills are State Senator Brad Ashford, and the president of the judicial committee, who say Nebraska does not need legislation like Arizona as it is not a border state, and would only be “unjust for the legal immigrants.” He points out that Latinos arrived in some Nebraska’s rural areas over “five decades ago.”