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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Nearly All Dominican Provinces Report Cases of Cholera

Nearly All Dominican Provinces Report Cases of Cholera

Photo: Cholera reported in nearly all Dominican provinces

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According to the Associated Press, health officials in the Dominican Republic are reporting hundreds of new cholera cases as the disease spreads to almost all of the nation’s provinces.

Physicians in the area have confirmed that of the 32 provinces, 28 have confirmed cases of cholera.

This outbreak began back in November of 2010, and since then, 14 deaths and 1,143 cases have been reported. The Dominican physicians union has warned that with hurricane season beginning in June, the situation may get worse.

The Dominican Republic shares its island with Haiti, where there have been almost 5,000 deaths and 266,000 cases reported since their outbreak began in October 2010.

The number of cholera cases in the Dominican Republic have risen about 50 percent since the middle of May.