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Latino Daily News

Monday January 6, 2014

Nearly 5,000 Mexican Military Personnel Has Been Prosecuted for Desertion

A total of 4,543 military personnel were prosecuted for desertion between 1985 and 2013, the Mexican Federal Institute for Access to Information, or IFAI, said.

The figures were provided by the Defense Secretariat to the IFAI in response to a request for information from a citizen.

The IFAI, however, asked defense officials for figures on military personnel convicted or acquitted of desertion, with cases in which rulings have not been made excluded from the information.

The Defense Secretariat had previously provided the IFAI with a table showing the ranks and number of military personnel prosecuted during the period in question for alleged acts of desertion.

The identities of the individual service members involved were not released.

The IFAI, however, determined that in cases where convictions have been handed down, “the names of the convicted military personnel cannot be considered confidential personal information” since they are public servants.


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