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Latino Daily News

Monday June 16, 2014

Nearly 40 Children Removed from Shelter in Puebla, Mexico Amid Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Thirty-three children and 10 young people were removed from a shelter in Puebla, a city in central Mexico, and three people were arrested on sexual abuse and other charges, state prosecutors said Monday.

The children range in age from 5 to 17, while the young people are between 18 and 24, the Puebla state Attorney General’s Office said.

The victims were allegedly abused at the Domingo Savio shelter, located in a neighborhood in the southern section of Puebla, the capital of the like-named state, the AG’s office said.

The unit of the AG’s office that handles cases involving violence and sexual abuse of children received an anonymous complaint about the shelter.

Investigators went to the shelter on Sunday and arrested three teachers, who founded the facility, on corruption of minors, rape and assault charges, the AG’s office said.

“One of the minors at the said home was sexually abused,” the AG’s office said, adding that the victim and two others were transferred to the Comprehensive Family Development System, or DIF.

The three minors are undergoing “physical and emotional” evaluations by DIF personnel, the AG’s office said.

The other children and young adults removed from the shelter are being housed at AG’s office facilities while officials attempt to locate relatives and find new places for them to live.

A statement on the Domingo Savio shelter’s Web site says the facility was founded in 2010 to help “children who lack the resources needed to achieve their goals in life.”


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