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Latino Daily News

Monday March 5, 2012

Nearly 4 Million Mexican teens have Posted Racy Photos on Web

Nearly 4 Million Mexican teens have Posted Racy Photos on Web

Photo: teens picture on web

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Around 3.6 million Mexican teenagers say they have posted photos of themselves in “provocative poses” on the Internet, the IFAI data-protection agency said.

And more than 40 percent of those young people say they do not consider it dangerous to go out on a date with someone they met online, IFAI Commissioner Angel Trinidad Zaldivar said.

At an event with two law firms specializing in data protection, Trinidad said that “a new culture of personal data protection” must be pushed in Mexico, the IFAI said in a statement.

In Mexico, where e-commerce represents some 15 percent of total buying and selling, there are some 40 million regular Internet users, a quarter of them teens.

Of those, 45 percent have their computer in their room and 30 percent post personal data such as their address, telephone number, school name and family photos on the social networks, IFAI says.

Mexico has a federal law protecting personal data but continues to face great challenges in this area, Trinidad said.

“Every day we leave a large trace of personal information; we consult Internet pages, we send e-mails, we make purchases with a credit card, calls from our cell phone and thanks to the flow of information big companies obtain an average of 2,500 details on each of us each month,” he said.

In Mexico, the most frequent crimes that occur online are identity theft, fraud, extortion, child pornography and piracy, according to the Mexican Internet Association.