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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 16, 2011

Nat’l Latino GOP Group Permanently Puts Senator Rubio on ‘Unfriendly’ to Latino List

Nat’l Latino GOP Group Permanently Puts Senator Rubio on ‘Unfriendly’ to Latino List

Photo: Senator Marcio Rubio

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Cuban-Americans Sen. Marco Rubio and candidate Ted Cruz will permanently wind up on the SOMOS REPUBLICANS unfriendly to Latino list because of their support for enforcement only policies against immigrants. 

They fail to recognize the privilege Cuban immigrants have over other immigrants that come here to achieve the American dream said SOMOS REPUBLICANS.  Furthermore, both Rubio and Cruz are being supported by the same anti-immigrant crowd that supported JD Hayworth and both have been praised by extremist radio show host Mark Levin.  They believe GOP Cuban-Americans such as Rubio and Cruz are being used as pawns by the nativist, anti-immigrant and Tea Party crowd.

Florida is experiencing fast growing emerging groups from Columbia, Central America, and etc.  Indians, Columbians, Peruvians, Central Americans, Mexicans, Irishmen, Canadians, Asians, Russians, and etc. do not have the privilege of the wet-foot-dry-foot policy as they try to flee their government to pursue the American dream. Most Cubans are able to receive federal assistance provided by tax payers for a short time once their foot touches American soil, and then they are on parole for one year before becoming a permanent resident.  Unfortunately, both Rubio and Cruz are also putting 30,000 Cuban families that have slipped through the cracks and they are also at risk with regard to enforcement only policies.

Rubio and Cruz are dangerously flirting with protectionist and isolationist policies that are not embraced by Capitalistic free market ideals says SOMOS REPUBLICANS. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently stated that it is national suicide if the U.S. does not adopt an immigrant-friendly policy that shuts the doors on future entrepreneurs. 

Several immigrants from other parts of the world do not have the Cuban wet-foot-dry-foot privilege as they seek to flee their governments.

Furthermore, restrictionist policies will harm the economy and destroy middle income jobs to Native Americans.  Rubio is already experiencing 11.5% unemployment which is higher than the national average of 9.1%, and Florida cannot afford to lose more middle income jobs with his immigration scares.  CATO Institute writes:

“According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there are 3.1 related jobs off the farm for every job on the farm. Eliminating the on-farm jobs would put at risk many more jobs paying middle-class wages and employing native-born American workers.”

If Texas candidate Ted Cruz continues to go on his protectionism path, then this will be Democratic retired General Ricardo Sanchez’s Texas senate campaign to lose.  It is in the best interest of the Republican Party to recognize that the fastest growing group in the nation is Mexican-American.  In Texas alone 80% of Latins are Mexican-American.  If the GOP is to regain the south Texas districts that recently went to the Democrats, a Ted Cruz and Rep. Lamar Smith approach to immigration is not the solution.  It is not right to bash immigrants to save political necks.  Cruz and Smith views are not the same as former President George W. Bush’s views when he warned us about nativism and protectionism.