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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 4, 2011

National Tequila Party Tour Will Kick Off in Arizona

National Tequila Party Tour Will Kick Off in Arizona

Photo: National Tequila Party

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The Tequila Party (TTP), an non-partisan movement,  will be launched in the State of Arizona which is also known as immigration ground zero to Hispanics.  The purpose of the Tequila Party tour is to encourage Latinos across the nation to participate in the upcoming 2012 elections. 

As result of millions of Latinos not coming out to the polls for elections, TTP believe’s the national tour is imperative because Latinos should be encouraged to participate in the early ballot system, and need to be consistent and better primary election voters, as well as better general election voters.

More recently, Latinos have witnessed a culture clash in Tucson, Arizona over the ethnic studies debate.  Increased hate crimes towards Latinos have elevated within the last year all over the nation.  Therefore, one of the goals of the Tequila Party Tour is to counter negative views with positive ones as Latinos celebrate their culture with festivities all over the nation thru November 2nd, 2012.

The Tequila Party will have events free and open to the public, concerts, VIP dinners with special guest speakers.  Lionel Sosa, former Hispanic advisor to Ronald Reagan will be the featured guest speaker in the State of Texas.  Lionel Sosa produced “The Children of the Revolución” which is a series airing on PBS painting immigrants in a positive light.  Many more guest speakers will be featured, and an invitation has been sent to Representative Luis Gutierrez to be the featured speaker in the State of Illinois as TTP tours Chicago.