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Latino Daily News

Friday October 15, 2010

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

October 15th, is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) and in celebration the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is increasing HIV prevention efforts with increased funding for existing programs such as Act Against AIDS Leadership.

According to the CDC, women of color, including Latinas, are among those at highest risk for HIV infection in the United States. Latinas acquired HIV at nearly four times the rate of white women in 2006 and were diagnosed with AIDS at five times the rate of white women in 2007.  From 2005-2008, diagnoses of HIV increased in the Hispanic/Latino population, though the increase could actually be due to the increase in HIV testing and other outreach efforts.

ImageNLAAD’s theme this year is, “Save A Life; It May Be Your Own” that askes individuals to “save a life” using the following tips:

Individuals can:

Learn whether or not they are infected with HIV by getting tested
Seek early medical care if they learn they are infected;
Protect themselves and others from HIV through safer sex practices and not sharing needles if they inject drugs;
Educate themselves and others about HIV;
Get involved in their communities to help prevent HIV or provide services to those in need.

Organizations Are Encouraged To:

•  Promote NLAAD within your organization. Organizations and agencies are getting involved in support of NLAAD across the nation. HIV awareness and testing events will provide thousands of Hispanics/Latinos with the important information they need to protect their health, their loved ones, and to get involved.
•  Encourage employees to get involved in NLAAD activities.
•  Educate staff about HIV/AIDS.
•  Develop HIV/AIDS policies for the workplace.

For additional information and links visit here.