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Latino Daily News

Monday July 11, 2011

National Hispanic GOP Group Calls on Herman Cain to Leave Presidential Race

National Hispanic GOP Group Calls on Herman Cain to Leave Presidential Race

Photo: Herman Cain Asked to Leave Campaign by GOP Latinos

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Somos Republicans is a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization that is pro-immigration reform.  This organization’s Republican members are calling on Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to withdraw from the presidential race.  The call for withdrawal are a result of his approach to immigration and off-the-cuff comments on a border fence that consist of a “moat and alligators”.

Somos Republicans noted in some excerpted statements:

As a civilized society we need to seek civilized solutions that meet the needs of our free market economy. We fail to see how anyone can seriously consider alligator filled moats and a new “wall of China” a practical solution to our broken immigration system.

The U.S. has seven million undocumented immigrant workers at present. The quotas of guest worker visas are a ‘drop in the ocean’ for unskilled or low skilled workers, and quotas for highly-skilled workers are also low, and lead many high tech employers to relocate research facilities overseas. Some family members of U.S. Citizens have been waiting since September 1992 for immigrant visas. For those who are not relatives of citizens or highly skilled professionals, there is essentially ‘no line to stand in.’

One need only look at the worker shortages in Georgia and Arizona agriculture sectors to see the dire consequences of enforcement-only strategies that don’t address the needs of America’s economy. 40% of Yuma Arizona’s lettuce crop went un-harvested after 100,000 Hispanics fled Arizona following passage of SB1070, even though Yuma has unemployment rates rivaling those of the great depression. Georgia passed a similar law, and now farmers are struggling to find migrant farm workers and now must decide which crops to leave rot.

We call on Herman Cain to drop his candidacy for President. His recent comments and lack of practical solutions to solving illegal immigration show he’s not a serious candidate. Many Hispanics find his recent comments comparing immigrants to “invading Huns” offensive, and also insensitive when thousands of immigrants died crossing the desert. We’re looking for practical and humane solutions, and find Cain’s pandering to xenophobes disgusting.