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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 11, 2013

Nation Remembers 9/11 on 12th Anniversary, 247 Latinos Amongst 2,606 Victims

Nation Remembers 9/11 on 12th Anniversary, 247 Latinos Amongst 2,606 Victims

Photo: Remembering 9/11 12 Years Later

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The nation today stops to remember the terror attacks of 9/11, twelve years after they occurred. 

There were numerous memorial events planned throughout the country.  At ground zero New York Governor Andrew Cuomo led in a reading of the names of the victims.  The President marked the day by attending a ceremony at the Pentagon.  He will also be participating in a volunteer project this afternoon.

A moment of silence was observed at 8:46 a.m.  at ground zero at the moment of first impact on the North Tower.  By 10:30 a.m. both World Trade Center buildings had collapsed taking with them 2,606 lives.  246 people died aboard the four airplanes that crashed that day, that included the plane crash into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m.

New York’s Health Department and Office of the Coroner estimated that nearly 250 Hispanics lost their lives that day, making up 10 percent of the total number of victims.  The victims list includes more than 100 undocumented immigrants killed that day.  The majority worked as waiters, cooks and maintenance employees in the Towers.  Latin American countries were also part of the rescue effort that day.  “Los Topos Aztecas” was sent to the U.S. by Mexico to help rescue victims buried under the rubble.

Click here to see the 9/11: Latino Experience interactive by El Diario.

The final death toll stands at 2,977 including 19 hijackers.