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Latino Daily News

Monday May 28, 2012

Narcos Suspected in Fire Bombings of Pepsi Subsidiary in Mexico

Narcos Suspected in Fire Bombings of Pepsi Subsidiary in Mexico

Photo: Sabritas PepsiCo target of Mexican Narcos

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This weekend a series of fire bombings targeted a PepsiCo subsidiary, Sabritas and for the first time in narco war history a private, large scale enterprise has been targeted.

Sabritas is a Mexican potato-chip maker with well known products like Mexican Cheetos Torciditos.  Pepsi and Sabritas joined forced in 1966 and own various manufacturing plants throughout the country.  Sabritas was created in 1943 in Mexico City, with vendors selling churros, French fries, and chips on bicycles.

This weekend Sabritas’ warehouses and delivery trucks were torched in Michoacan and Guanajuato, Mexico.  This is the first time in the narco wars 5 ½ year history that a private transnational company is the target of drug cartels.  Authorities believe members of the Knights Templar cartel are behind the torchings and several arrests have been made.

Authorities believe the Knights Templar, based out of Michoacan, suspect the Sabritas delivery trucks are being used to spy on narco operations, something PepsciCo and Sabritas has denied.