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Latino Daily News

Friday February 24, 2012

Narco Guerrero-Jimenez Sentenced for Distributing Coke via Self-Propelled Submarines

Narco Guerrero-Jimenez Sentenced for Distributing Coke via Self-Propelled Submarines

Photo: Narco Subs

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U.S. Attorney Robert E. O’Neill announces today that U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday sentenced Neiser Guerrero-Jimenez (33, Colombia, South America) to 235 months in federal prison for conspiring with others to possess with intent to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine on board vessels subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Guerrero-Jimenez pled guilty on December 5, 2011.

According to court documents, in 2009 and 2010, Guerrero-Jimenez recruited, paid, managed, and dispatched mariners engaged in smuggling large quantities of cocaine using stateless self-propelled semi-submersible (SPSS) vessels, in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Guerrero-Jimenez began as a mariner on similar, successful maritime cocaine smuggling trips earlier in the last decade, and worked his way up, eventually becoming a dispatcher and manager for the organization.

The United States Coast Guard interdicted three SPSS vessels dispatched by Guerrero-Jimenez. These interdictions took place on May 6, 2009, July 28, 2009 and August 11, 2009, after each vessel departed the Mayorquin-area along Colombia’s southern coast, and entered international waters.

Guerrero-Jimenez was arrested in Colombia by Colombian authorities on June 16, 2010. He was extradited to the United States on September 22, 2011.