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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 21, 2010

Narco Blogger Reports:Mexico Auctions Off Narco-Bling and Raises 6.5 Million

Jewelry, trucks,private aircraft and wines seized from Drug Lords were auctioned by the Government of Mexico and raised 6.4 million in two days.

Friday, the Department of Administration and Disposal of Assets (SAE) confirmed that 580 lots of goods, including many seized from drug traffickers or other organized crime gangs had been auctioned.There was a total of 424 bidders and most expensive items were two Bell helicopters. One Was sold at $ 256,000 and The Other was sold for $200,000 dollars.

In lots of jewels and watches which began selling on Thursday, the most expensive item was a set with Swarosky Austrian crystals for $ 72,800 and a Audemars Piguet clock for $ 70,400.

Some of the luxury cars auctioned off a truck Were Range Rover 2009 , Cherry color, which sold for $ 46,720) and a Porsche Cayenne SUV 2004 for $24,000 dollars.

HS News Contributor- El Blog Del Narco covered the pre-auction Here

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