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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 4, 2011

NARCO BLOG: The Mexican Attorney General’s Office Ups the Reward for the Country’s Most Wanted List

The Mexican Attorney General’s office has given a huge boost to its Most Wanted List by upping the rewards.  With a budget of more than a several hundred million pesos, it hopes to entice Mexican’s to provide information on these very dangerous criminals.

According to the Juarez newspaper, the current federal administration is the first one ever to set aside such a massive sum of money, all in hopes to entice the civilian population to provide information that helps capture people from the following list:

For 15 Million Pesos:


Rewards for Sergio Ricardo Basurto (El Grande), Maxiley Barahona (El Contador), Ignacio Rentería (El Cenizo) and Samer José Servín Juárez are at $10 million pesos.

From all the thugs below, rewards range between 1 and 3 million pesos.

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