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Latino Daily News

Monday January 17, 2011

NARCO BLOG: Terror at Casino Royale in Monterrey

NARCO BLOG: Terror at Casino Royale in Monterrey

Photo: Casino Royale

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At dawn on Sunday the Casino Royale ,in the exclusive area of San Jeronimo Monterrey, was crowded with gamblers when terror and panic arose.

Suddenly armed commandos entered the casino and opened fire. Customers in the Casino began to cry, and many dropped to the floor to avoid the bullets.

The gunmen were looking for two men.

Meanwhile, the gunshots did not stop, people tried to escape from the casino and once the door was opened a stampede ensued.

The men being sought by the gunman escaped to the parking lot but the gunman were in hot pursuit. The men were captured by the gunman outside.

The security personal of the casino locked the doors of the casino. They did not let the people leave for a considerable time.  The people began to cry for help as they were locked in the casino.

The local media in Nuevo Leon did not disclose the facts, but hundreds of witnesses say that the gun shooting was a terrible experience but then it was made worse by being forcibly locked in the Casino Royale
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