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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 16, 2011

NARCO BLOG: Second Decapitation of the Year in Nuevo Leon

NARCO BLOG: Second Decapitation of the Year in Nuevo Leon

Photo: Mexico decapitation

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On Saturday residents from the colony Altamira, located in the city of Monterrey, area reported the presence of body on their streets . Authorities went to the site immediately.

The body of a man clad in only underwear and decapitated was left in streets Santos Cantu Salinas and its junction with Pipila. Image

Reports indicate that the victim had several shots in the body and clear signs of torture.

The head was less than a meter body , Along with a card with a narcomensaje.

Moments after the investigators arrived at the site, three women and two men, visibly affected, in tears, approached the decapitated body. They wanted to see if it was the body of one of their family.

One of the group commented that it was possibly a man named Humberto, who had been living in close proximity to the discovery.

One woman said that Humberto was driving his car in Street Rio Panuco of colony Mexico, when armed men blocked his way and took him by force.

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