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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Narco Blog- Narco Singer Komander El Claims “I am Just a Storyteller!”

Narco Blog- Narco Singer Komander El  Claims “I am Just a Storyteller!”

Photo: El Komander

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“I’m very upset with this decision, I do not think the measures they are taking are going to help stop violence at all,” he said in an interview with Radio Network last week. The City Council voted the veto the Cuernavaca singer’s performance after the Government of Morelos asked the authorities to refrain from promoting groups that incite violence. Morelos Government Secretary, Jorge Messeguer, said that in his opinion, Komander condones Narco crime, and that this would cause a setback in the peace and security strategy.

In this regard, Alfredo Rios said he was totally surprised by the restriction, “I am only he who pays the piper,” he explained. He goes on the say that he considers himself a storyteller. Similar to how newspapers and newscasts recount everything that is happening in Mexico. ” I was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, where they spend a lot of time reporting on these things, as an artist I have composed many songs, most are fictional though. I dedicate myself to entertaining people with my music. I am very surprised by this decision.  I feel attacked for what I do “he explained. He then stated that h will abide by the orders of the government, but asked: “Where are our rights of expression?”

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